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We are a team of SR&ED experts who will assist you in your SR&ED claim preparation and filings with Canada Revenue Agency and relevant provincial authorities.

Requirements for SR&ED

On a primary level, you need to be involved in scientific and technological R&D. You need to be working towards uncovering scientific or technological knowledge that has not been known previously within the public or industrial domains and/or, you need to be developing or improving products and processes to advance technology.

Claim SR&ED Credits

You need to file your SR&ED claim within 18 months after the fiscal year has ended. We recommend you file it 6 months after the year end, which is typically in June, if your fiscal year ends in December. If you fail to file your claim in the given time frame, then unfortunately it becomes time barred. CRA does not allow late submissions for SR&ED tax credits.


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Why use Canadian SR&ED

Our team of SR&ED experts can determine your SR&ED eligibility as part of free initial review. Then we can file your claim with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our team of experts have filed more than a thousand SR&ED claims on behalf of our clients and we have a 100% success record in getting our claims approved. We ensure our clients are refunded with every single dollar that rightfully belongs to them. Our fee arrangements are strictly on a contingency basis. So they only become due after you have received the refund from CRA and relevant provincial authorities.