Yukon SR&ED

The CRA administers the Yukon R&D tax credit.

Available to: The Yukon R&D tax credit can be claimed by corporations and individuals operating in, and residents of Yukon on the last day of the year, participation in SR&ED. It is refundable at 15% of eligible expenses and an additional 5% on payments to the Yukon College.

The deadline to claim the credit: a year after the filing due date.

Carryback and carryforward: The tax credit cannot be carried back or forward.

Assistance: The federal pool of deductible and eligible SR&ED credit will be cut down by the Yukon tax credit.

Recapture: Not required

Potential to renounce: Not required

(Research and development (R&D) tax credit and the funding is in addition to the federal SR&ED program)
(This information is correct as at 31 March, 2019)

SR&ED in Yukon

Regional SR&ED

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