Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate social responsibility:

Corporate social responsibility CSR refers to the independent and gratuitous activities of companies, over and above parameter, that serve to incorporate social, environmental and economic interest into their activities.


Canadian SR&ED Solutions and CSR

Responsible corporate behaviour not only uplifts a company’s prospect for success, but can also give an aid to the economic breakthrough to Canada and all other countries where a certain company exists. Canadian SR&ED Solutions (CSS) strongly believes in investing and administering sensibly. It endorses Canadian ethics and contributes to the sustainable expansion of communities.

The conduct of Canadian SR&ED Solutions establishes respect for human rights, maintaining the policy to donate a certain percentage of the fee to charity and providing a helping hand to organizations selected by the client paying the fee.

CSR by Canadian SR&ED solutions is persistent and aligned with pertinent laws and internationally documented standards. It stresses upon both the constructive voluntary aids it can make to sustainable development and overall growth; and, warding off adverse impacts and addressing them when they do arise.


What Canadian Govt expects

In the CSR approach, if you are doing business according to the laws of Canada, the Government expects and appreciates the Canadian registered companies whether in Canada or outside, to respect human rights, abide by all pertinent laws n regulations. It also encourages companies to meet or exceed documented international standards for responsible business strategy. For companies working where local laws do not align with Canadian standards, the Canadian government supports them to find ways to follow Canadian values in compliance with local laws.


How does the Government of Canada support CSR Abroad?

The Canadian Government has several plans which create Canada’s long-lasting commitment to promoting responsible business training. Through its arrangements, the Government enables the profitable success of Canadian companies active abroad while supporting the role of their activities to the broad economic growth of Canada and its trading partners, including those with emerging and developing economies.

Through embassies, the Government provides CSR related assistance to the Canadian business community. However, those companies alone alone do not pledge profitable success, the Government of Canada works with a range of panellists to promote CSR abroad. Canadian web of diplomatic tasks abroad vigorously endorses responsible business exercise and creates opportunities for relationship building through conferences, workshops and other activities.