About Canadian SR&ED Solutions

Canadian SR&ED Solutions

is a highly committed team of professional SR&ED experts that provides comprehensive and tailored solutions to process your SR&ED grants with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) while maximizing the total refund. Our team of SR&ED experts has been serving clients for over 20 years now and is well versed in SR&ED rules across all industry sectors.

Some years ago we identified that many small- and medium-size businesses need to involve professional SR&ED consultants when they start to apply for their SR&ED grants. Many businesses avoid getting advice on their SE&ED claims because of the strain on cash flows and because they believe that professional SR&ED consultants have a high cost.

We employ top performing Canadian SR&ED experts and by engaging our services, you are guaranteed to find comprehensive and active solutions to your SR&ED problems. We serve our clients nationwide from our corporate office in Calgary as well as branch offices located in Toronto downtown and Vancouver. We never hesitate to travel if clients need it.

SR&ED Consultants

Helping clients to recognize and categorize their requirements and then providing a solution to our clients’ business is critical to our business objective. We believe it guarantees top quality service. The motto behind Canadian SR&ED Solutions is that each and every matter related to Scientific Research and Experimental Development deserves a professional comprehensive review. Most SR&ED rejection notices issued by CRA are the result of poor record keeping and failure to provide all the information to CRA officers. Some businesses end up reclaiming too little R&D credits because they do not have an expert at their disposal to help them understand the SR&ED legislation.

At Canadian SR&ED Solutions, we provide a comprehensive R&D assessment for every sector of Canadian Industry in a proactive and efficient manner. We use simplified procedures that ensure compliance with the SR&ED program.

We review the year's R&D work to maximize your refunds. We review and prepare your SR&ED claim on contingency basis and only charge a small percentage of the refund as our fee after you get your refund from CRA. We do not charge an upfront or a minimum fee before you receive the SR&ED refund. We do this to avoid straining our clients' cash flows. This keeps our SR&ED consultancy services affordable. We always discuss and agree our fee with our clients in advance.

You will come across the best consultants at Canadian SR&ED Solutions, who possess thorough knowledge and skill of R&D. They give 100% and make sure our clients get every penny that rightfully belongs to them, so they represent the best value for money.

Send us a secure message from our website or contact us via phone, post or email. When you make contact we will take the opportunity to find out more about your organisation and tell you what it will be like to work with one of the best SR&ED professionals in Canada.